Marquette, MI Attractions

Countless Activities Await

Situated on the rocky shores of Lake Superior, Marquette, Michigan is a wonderful collection of contradictions: its restaurants, theaters, art galleries and museums have a decidedly big-city quality and feel, but the quaint downtown teeming with local merchants and artists hums with the warmth, intimacy and friendliness of a small Midwestern town. Regardless of the season in which you visit, the selection of things to do and see is certain: stunning scenery, enticing gourmet cuisine, unique art and shops and enough outdoor adventure to keep your body fit and your soul inspired. Rich in mining and maritime history, Marquette welcomes visitors with a nod to its past while keeping an eye to the future.

Lake Superior Theatre

This nonprofit theater serves the Marquette (and Upper Peninsula) community by producing live theater that focuses on presenting and preserving history.

Marquette Maritime Museum

If you’re interested in the history of the Great Lakes, or perhaps the history of some of the famed shipwrecks that have occurred nearby, you’ll want to stop by the Marquette Maritime Museum. 

Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum

If you’ve got a few hours for some educational fun, grab your kids and head to the U.P. Children’s Museum

Downtown Marquette Shopping District

While Marquette often has a big-city feel, nowhere will you notice the intimacy of a small town more than in the downtown shopping district.

Marquette Regional History Center

Marquette, Michigan has a history rich in mining and trade, as well as an unrivaled social and maritime history. This center aims to capture all of it, and treasures found here include an invitation to Lincoln’s inauguration.

Noquemanon Trail Network

If you’re a walker, hiker or biker, take note: the Noquemanon Trail Network is an extensive system of paths designed for recreational, non-motorized use.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior lives up to its name…it’s superior in size and depth to all the other Great Lakes. It’s also the largest freshwater lake in North America: it straddles Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. You can certainly boat (but don’t fall in; it’s cold, even during the hottest summer days), and you’re likely to have a lot of luck if you try your hand at fishing in the critter-rich waters.

Downtown Dining

Foodies take note! Marquette offers locally owned, independently operated culinary delights for you to explore. Whether you’re hankering for local freshwater fish, bakery items, a grab-n-go meal or a seated feast, this is the place you’ll find the best dining Marquette has to offer. Bon appétit!

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is the most popular of the three overlooks in the Marquette area. Most come to Sugarloaf for the view, the hike up is just as beautiful and exciting.