Make the Most of Marquette With Your Pet

Now that we’re “Fido-friendly”, we thought it might be nice to give a few pointers for enjoying your time in the beautiful 906! Marquette might be chilly, but the warmth for four-legged friends in this area is prominent. Whether you’re snagging a bite to eat, exploring the outdoors, or running an unexpected errand, we’ve got you covered on what to expect.





While our endless spans of creeks, waterfalls, and sun-kissed trails are absolutely worth traversing, it’s important to adhere to civil codes while doing so. This isn’t just for the sake of preservation efforts; it’s for the safety of you and your animal. According to The City of Marquette’s official website:


 “Dogs are not allowed at bathing beaches, the Fit Strip, Park Cemetery, or at special events where ‘no dog’ signs are posted. City Code also stipulates that people must keep dogs leashed at all times – unless in the City’s off-leash area – and that owners must remove and dispose of all dog waste immediately.” 


In short, make sure your dog is ALWAYS on a leash, don’t take your dog to the above places (or Presque Isle, as animals are only permitted there when kept within a closed vehicle), and pick up after them.


Now that we’ve gotten through the nitty-gritty, it’s time to get out and go! If you want to enjoy the great outdoors with your best friend, be sure to check out the Travel Marquette website (or for a list of pet-friendly trails. We’ve compiled some excellent resources for you at the bottom of this post.


Some of our favorite trails include Wetmore Landing, Harlow Lake, Sugarloaf Mountain, or various offshoots of the North Country Trail System. If there’s snow on the ground, be sure to avoid cross-country skiing loops, snowmobile trails, or snowshoeing paths, unless they specify being pet-friendly. And remember to keep that leash on!





Nothing is more stressful than parking outside of an establishment and obsessively staring at your dog as they sit in the car, head poked out the window, watching you devour a tasty meal without them.


Luckily, you can avoid that anxiety-inducing activity! The following restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops all allow pets on their patios (so long as your animal is controlled and leashed) ...


  • Ore Dock Brewing Company
  • Contrast Coffee
  • Barrel + Beam Brewery
  • The Crib
  • Portside Inn
  • The Delft 
  • Donckers
  • Lake Superior Smokehouse

These are just a few of the local food and beverage stops that welcome four-legged friends, but there are likely more. If you’re curious, the best policy is to call the business and ask about their policies for non-ADA pets!




Picture it: You just arrived to your hotel, got unpacked, and can’t wait to snap some beach photos… but you forgot your dog’s favorite toy! Don’t worry. While you have access to not only Target, Meijer, and Walmart within the City of Marquette, we also have an incredible pet store.


Mares Z Doats, located less than 10 minutes from The Landmark, will exceed your expectations. In addition to carrying hundreds of food varieties, they also carry medications, toys, treats, waste disposal bags, travel bowls, and anything else you might need. You can even bring your pet inside and let them pick something out themselves!

Let’s say your emergency is more serious. Your pet had a seizure, needs stitches, ate something they shouldn’t (we know how that goes), or experienced something else that requires immediate medical attention. The following vet clinics provide both standard and emergency care:

Animal Center of Marquette: 906-226-7400

Bayshore Veterinary Hospital: 906-259-5667

Marquette Veterinary Clinic: 906-249-1456

Stuga North Veterinary Care: 906-345-6012

We hope this guide is a helpful way to kickstart your next adventure. Now, get out there and make memories! And give your dog some head pats for us, please.

Photo: Little Presque Isle | Pure Michigan





LOCAL ORDINANCES AND GUIDELINES:,of%20all%20dog%20waste%20immediately.